Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gumshoeing backgrounds of foster teens finds eligible relatives to become adoptive parents

The New York Times ran a particularly compelling story about adoption on p. 14, National News, of the Sunday Jan. 31 New York Times, ”A determined quest to bring adoptive ties to foster teenagers”, by Erik Eckholm, link here.

The story relates a new effort on St. Louis to find relatives for older kids and teens in foster care. The article maintains that diligent gumshoeing nearly always turns up relatives.

The story relates some specific incidents where people did not know that their “missing” siblings had fathered or mothered children, giving them nephews and nieces that did not know existed. In one specific example the new relative parent was already married with a family. But if the relative were childless and especially single, attempting to interest him or her in adoption would raise interesting ethical questions. Should relatives be responsible for the other people’s children (I could put it more bluntly) just because they are “family”? On the other hand, the teens have to go along with the adoptions, too.

Second picture, a Minneapolis bus stop ad in 2003.

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