Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Hospitlal handwashing gets even stricter

Hospitals are having to get even tougher on employee handwashing to fight superbugs, including clostridium difficile, according to a World News Tonight story by Courtney Hutchison. The story, by Courtney Hutchison, is “Eliminating superbugs at the source: How doctors are fighting hospital infection, link here.

One hospital in New York City employs hall monitors to check on employee handwashing and xray scans to show hand germs. It’s a carrot and stick approach, with freebies for employees who don’t get cited. It could become a more nettlesome issue for some male employees (remember the photoflash scene from Michael Chricton’s The Andromeda Strain).

Some hospitals in Britain have eliminated physician neckties as a source of germs.

Ordinarily, people who live alone become immune to their own germs, and all of this attention to super caution seems like unprecedented fastidiousness.

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