Saturday, January 09, 2010

Michelle Rhee eases up on DC teachers' budget; Fairfax County VA faces severe school cuts

Michelle Rhee. Chancellor of the Washington DC school system, still attracts controversy, now saying she will protect funding for teachers’ jobs and supplies, despite the sudden layoff of 266 teachers last fall. The Washington Post story Jan. 2 by Bill Turque is here.

But on Friday Jan. 8, even during a brief snow delay, Michael Alison Chandler and Derek Kravitz reported on tremendous spending reductions proposed by the Fairfax County Public Schools, which could especially affect music programs, freshman sports, some gifted programs, and all day kindergarten. The story link is here.

The music programs seem especially important as music often improves student performance in other areas, as demonstrated by a recent program in Miami Dade County (described on my drama blog Dec. 26, 20090.

FCPS is the 12th largest public school system in the nation. About this time last year it also went through discussion of severe budget cuts in the wake of the national financial crisis.

If the nation really wants more teachers, the politicians have to get serious about it.

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