Friday, January 08, 2010

New report calls for end of "mountaintop removal" strip mining

A group of scientists are asking the Obama administration to bring about a total end to mountaintop removal strip mining, in a report published Friday by Policy Forum and Science. The AP story for the report by Vicki Smith was carried today in many sources, such as Forbes, here.

The Washington Post print ran, as a “New Special Report” and part of the “Climate Agenda”, a special on p A3, “Scientists in mining study ask for action: US should stop mountaintop removal, researchers conclude,” with a picture of Kayford mountain, at the head of Cabin Creek, south of Chareston, West Virginia, link here.

Many mountaitntop mines are just out of sight of public roads. Most are in West Virginia and Kentucky.
Here is an 8 minute video on Kayford from Huntington news.

On Jan. 5, the EPA made an announcement regarding Clean Water permits for two other mountaintop mines, here.

Wikipedia attribution link for Kayford Mine picture.

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Chris Lawrence said...

We are blowing up and removing the tops of mountains, causing great damage to local communities and the environment, all in an effort to extract the dirtiest form of energy there is, coal. Insane. One way to solve this is to phase out coal plants and remove the demand.