Saturday, January 16, 2010

Noreaster storms jeapordize Cheaspeake Bay homes: any relation to climate change?

It may be an example of hyperbole to say that the powerful Noreaster that brought 18 inches of snow to the DC area Dec. 19 and eroded the Calvert Cliffs area on the Chesapeake Bay is a result of global warming. But the disruption to the area, to some homeowners along the Bay near Lusby, MD is very real. I made a “field trip” to the area today. This sort of problem may be more familiar to southern California residents who have to deal with mudslides when there are sudden heavy rains in the winter.

I took the Calvert Cliffs State Park trail, too. The mileage signs are misleading: the distance of 1.8 miles really refers to the distance from the parking lot on Highway 4, not the start of the “Red Trail.”

Update: Jan 25, 2009

Check out the Washington Post story by Christy Goodman: "Cliff residents losing out to beetles on he brink; Endangered species depends on erosion that threatens Calcert County homes," link here. This refers to the Puritan tiger beetle.

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Cathy Garger said...

I am concerned about the effects of all of the thermal pollution emitted into the air and the Bay (not to mention toxic and radioactive discharges) by the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. see:

Cathy Garger
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