Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Over a quarter of auto accidents involve cell phone use

An article in The Washington Post (in the “Breaking News Blog”) by Ashley Halsey III, “28 percent of accidents involve talking, texting on cellphones”, link here.

The advent of hands-free devices for cell phones, including the Jupiter Jack, makes it hard for police officers to see drivers using cell phones. Yet even without use of hands, talking on a cell phone can be distracting. (But listening to the car radio or even Sirius, a companion for decades, is not?)

The article points out the possibility of making cars block cell phone signals, or being able to offer police the ability to spy on cell phone calls and texting. Cars might have to have data recorders, since police now subpoena cell phone records to investigate accidents. Nineteen states ban texting while driving, but some states require police to have another reason to stop motorists first.

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