Monday, January 11, 2010

So, does McGwire's home run record mean anything now?

So, does Mark McGwire’s 1998 home run record (beating Roger Maris and Babe Ruth) become worthless because he admitted steroid use today? The MLB story is here. By the way, the MLB schedules for 2010 have been up for over a month. Spring training schedules are also available.

McGwire wants to resume his career as a hitting coach. Will he be credible?

But you wonder, what does all of this mean any more. What exactly makes a substance a performance enhancing drug? I can remember all the urban legends as a boy about what kinds of foods and farm-related “matter” made you a man, etc.

Wikipedia attribution link for Busch stadium(s). I thought that Busch had been one of the bigger parks when McGwire “broke the record”.

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