Friday, February 19, 2010

Are 10 grades enough for high school graduation, college entry?

At least eight states are experimenting with programs that would allow students to start at community colleges or state-funded colleges after completing tenth grade if they pass necessary tests. The story appeared on ABC “World News Tonight” Friday Feb. 19, and the text version by Hanna Siegel is here.

Of course, there are good questions. Do kids get in all the math (algebra, geometry, trig, etc), humanities (US government and history, American and English literature, foreign languages) they need? Are they mature enough? It has always sounded to me that AP or IB in high school is a good bargain.

There’s a gender question, too, although boys are generally caught up with girls well before tenth grade. Students who perform (drama, music) or who have a specific passion (even computer programming) seem to be able to progress academically in all areas much more quickly.

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