Thursday, February 04, 2010

Maryland private parties closed for "zoning" violations

Zoning regulations can sometimes squash private “recreational” gatherings, at least in Montgomery County. MD, with a man who was running (straight) BDSM parties in an upscale rented house in Bethesda. They were said to be parties “among friends” but did request donations. Authorities viewed this as a commercial enterprise. The nickname of the party sponsor was reported to be “British Lucky Paul.”

The story was reported today (Feb. 4) in the Washington Examiner, p. 4, by Freeman Klopott and Alan Suderman, link here.

On Nov. 20, 2009, on my main blog, I reported a story of video equipment being seized from parties in San Francisco that did not have proper permits. In some cities, gay “private parties” have been found in violation of zoning laws, as in Washington DC, as reported on my GLBT blog Oct. 25, 2009.

Update: Feb.5

Paul Duggan fills in the details in The Washington Post with "Montgomery County sex-party host must role-play by the zoning rules", link here.

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British Lucky Paul said...

As the host of the party, I would like to offer one correction. Namely that the majority of attendees are GLBT. It is a truly Pan Sexual crowd.

Cheers, Paul.