Monday, February 22, 2010

President Obama ups his profile in the substance of the health care debate, takes initiative with specific proposals

President Obama, while keeping a “low profile” in the actual content of the health care debate, has put forth his own proposal to push reform through, given especially recent political or partisan chances in the Senate. The basic “.gov” link for the proposal is here.

Some of the ingredients include closing the Part D doughnut hole, raising the floors on the “excise tax”, some middle class tax relief (including tax credits for premiums and “cost sharing”), and regulations prohibiting discrimination on pre-existing conditions. Some sort of coverage will be mandatory for everyone, as in Massachusetts. The PDF for the proposal is here.

Update: Feb. 24

The president and some congressional leaders and staff have a summit on health care Thursday Feb. 25 at 10 AM, at Blair House in Washington, to be carried on MSNBC.

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