Friday, February 26, 2010

Washington Post calls Republicans "callous" on health care; check out Pearlstein's column

The front page of the print version of the Washington Post today (Friday Feb 26) highlights in a box “ Steven Pearlstein on the Summit: Columnist sees callousness in the Republican lawmakers’ approach to health care.” The actual column on p A17 has the title “The Republicans on health care: More claims and more denial”, but the online title is more revealing, “At summit, Republicans prove they aren’t putting America’s health first,” link here.

What seems to be the goal of the president: It would seem, to provide practically universal coverage at affordable premiums with affordable copays. But, Pearlstein notes, Republicans see this as an “entitlement” that could only be supported with bigger deficits. They’re not willing to consider taxing entities that many say really could afford it – that’s playing Robin Hood, or it’s expropriation. They are begrudging in their treatment of the pre-existing condition problem, seeing it in terms of high risk pools.

The hard core social conservatives want families to take care of their own – especially the childless to experience filial responsibility for others. They have their own idea of psychological socialism – the so-called “natural family.” But there are a lot of ways you can write a social contract.

On CNN, there was a paid ad, "if health reform doesn't happen, then what happens to you?"

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