Friday, March 19, 2010

A bird's-eye view of the health care reform, likely to be voted on Sunday

I think it will help visitors to link to a straightforward birds-eye view of the health care bill, which may be voted on by Sunday. This comes from the Associated Press, was reprinted in the Washington Post. No, I won’t tread on copyright. I just think that the overview is helpful. The House is “deeming” the Senate’s version as essentially passed and playing with how to pay for it, which higher Medicare taxes on investments of the wealthy for example.

The link is here.

It looks like the mandates on employers, including smaller ones, could go into effect at the beginning of January 2014. That could especially agencies that hire temporary and service workers. However, hiring agencies will probably benefit from having access to better-priced plans well before then. The individual mandate takes effect in 2016. The ban on discrimination for pre-existing conditions takes place in 2014. Hopefully this helps employers as well as individuals.

A big question is whether everyone can control health care costs by getting away from “free for service” and by much better and coordinated record keeping.

CNN has a story on what takes effect immediately in 2010, "What can you and your family expect right away?", link here.

(The picture above was taken near GWU Hospital, near the health care demonstration Mar. 9, and came from Lyndon LaRouche's group. Yup, pretty extremist. The guy with the poster was serious.)

On Friday, Obama spoke at George Mason University in Fairfax VA. I got a cell phone call inviting me, but was not prepared to wait in line at 2 AM.

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