Thursday, March 25, 2010

CA, AZ consider legislation to legalize some possession of marijuana; Fed bill is HR 2943

California voters will be given the opportunity to vote on a measure to allow private possession of limited amounts of marijuana, even for non-medical purposes, this fall. The NPR story by Jacob Goldstein is (web, url) here.

That a tax on marijuana will help state and local governments much during the recession is considered dubious, however.

A similar measure is on the ballot in Arizona, including a tax on it, with a story in Arizona Family here.

The Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Use Act of 2009, introduced by Barney Frank (HR 2943), would eliminate federal penalties for possession of up to 100 grams, and leave legalization up to the states. The govtrack reference is here.

Update: March 27:

CNN has an important story by Stephanie Chen, "Medical marijuana users risk job loss", link here. The story reports that medical marijuana is legal in some states, including Michigan, where a Wal-Mart worker with cancer was fired for failing a drug test.

There is a map showing medical marijuana legal status by state at, here.

Here is a report on medical marijuana and entrepreneurialism from Colorado on CNN.

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