Sunday, March 21, 2010

House sends health-care reform to president Obama, 219-212; vote is VERY partisan

The House passed its central health care reform bill Sunday night, 219-212, with just 33 Democratic nays, and no Republican “yeth’s”. So it was very partisan indeed. The basic bill goes to the president to sign. But the Senate is going to work on the fixes, which would have to come back to the house.

The MSNBC story is here, title “House sends health care bill to Obama's desk
President to sign reforms into law; 'fixes' still require Senate action”, link here. Check the Newsweek link on controlling spending.

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The president (speaking at 11:47 PM Sunday night) said that this bill was passed from “the bottom up” and thanked ordinary Americans who fought for the bill with letters and emails (how about blog posts?) The president somewhat vilified the insurance companies in the manner of Danny DeVito in the movie “The Rainmaker” (based on John Grisham’s novel).

Here is CNN’s reverse-chronology timeline, link.

Read the White House Blog issue posting on the abortion provision, available this afternoon, here.

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