Thursday, March 04, 2010

Local MD newspaper makes good points on campaign contributions, health care

Wednesday, on my day trip to northeastern Maryland and Aberdeen Proving Grounds, I stopped in the town of Havre de Grace, a visible hamlet on the Sesquehanna where it meets the Chesapeake Bay, visible from Amtrak. In a bar, I picked up a “Cecil Guardian” newspaper (link) and found a couple of interesting perspectives on national things.

An article by Wyatt Wallace (no connection to Atlas Shrugged and “Wyatt’s Torch”) “Unlimited political spending by big corporations is BAD for working class Americans” talks about the recent Supreme Court decision on Citizens United v. FEC, allowing essentially unlimited campaign spending by corporations. He makes the suggestion that shareholders should have to agree individually with contributions or spending on political blogs. I couldn’t find the article online, which seems dedicated to local news.

The editorial says “Health care needs to be fixed, but maybe not in the direction we are going?” (I couldn’t find it online either). The editorial says that Americans pay ten times as much for some prescription drugs as do people overseas, and says we should not be subsidizing pharmaceutical company research for profits overseas. Good point.

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