Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Public split on health care; what would Pelosi's Trick do? What would Reconciliation do?

Mark Murray from NBC News has an interesting story on just how split the public is on the health care debate, here.

An amazing portion of the public thinks that the system should be left as it is. Perhaps that’s the portion with jobs supplying reasonable health care (perhaps including elderly satisfied with Medicare, or perhaps apathetic).

The direct link for the results of the NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey by Hart/McInturff is (pdf format) here.

Tuesday night, on CNN, a Republican congresswoman from Minnesota said something to the effect that as a parent she saw it as her duty to get a job with health insurance. She was asked if she had ever paid for her children’s health care without health insurance.

And Andrea Mitchell reports on an interview over whether Nancy Pelosi’s “sneaky” strategy as counting the Senate bill is already passed can work. It's called "deem and pass."

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Is this the same as passing by “budget reconciliation”? Good question for a high school civics test. Here is what the Huffington Post says about “deficit reduction bill relating to health care” posted by Rep. Jim Cooper in June 2009, link. Here is Wikipedia’s definion (link ), “a legislative process of the United States Senate intended to allow consideration of a contentious budget bill without the threat of filibuster.”

Remember, for author Clive Barker, "Reconciliation" means instant communication with extraterresrrial worlds!

The Washington Times has an editorial today "The Health Care bill can be defeated; popular pressure needs to be placed on Democrats", link here.

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