Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some GOP "leaders" threaten lawsuits on constitutionality of mandatory individual health insurance

Several states will fight the new health insurance reform bill. These include Virginia, whose attorney general Ken Cuccinelli, already notorious for his gaffe on protections for gay students and employees of state colleges, promised a constitutional challenge, saying government has never required that people (citizens) purchase anything before. The "mandatory health insurance" provisions on individuals would go into effect in 2016, as it stands now.

However government has drafted men before!

Many states require auto (and truck) drivers to purchase auto insurance, but of course you can argue that driving is a privilege, not a "fundamental right."

I've speculated that eventually states or even Congress will consider laws requiring bloggers to purchase liability insurance, in order to control otherwise unpredictable risk.

I think there is an interesting analogy between the pre-existing conditions problem and what I encountered as a substitute teacher, “pre-existing conditions” in the classroom which I was supposed to be able to “insure” and manage (with phony relationship and “parenting” techniques called “classroom management”) when I walked in cold. It didn’t work.

Update: March 24

A particular shocking story about threats to Congressman who voted for the bill appears on ABC News, link here.

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