Monday, April 19, 2010

2nd Amendment Rally held near Washington Monument today, another near Reagan National Airport

I did go to the “Second Amendment Freedom” rally on the “opera stage” area next to the Washington Monument this morning. Weapons were not allowed, but reportedly people could take them to another rally at Gravelly Point in the Potomac River in Arlington, ironically just north of Ronald Reagan National Airport. My "snazzy" mountain bike is broke and was in no condition to make that trip (with “Adventuring” I’ve ridden from Gravelly to Mount Vernon), so I went in to the “safer” rally.  And this is "Patriot's Day" in many places (like Boston). It is also an anniversary of Oklahoma City, and Waco (1993 -- I heard Pat Buchanan describe the final conflagration on the car radio as it happened).

The Arlington rally was possible because Congress recently passed a law allowing visitors to land under control of the National Park Service to carry weapons in some circumstances, in some states (including Virginia). Congress may gut what remains of the District of Columbia's gun laws when it passes a voting rights reform law.

I heard a woman from Texas describe the loss of her parents to a home invasion a number of years ago, before Texas reportedly liberalized concealed carry laws. The rally was attended by several hundred people, mostly sporting signs making the usual libertarian arguments for respecting the Second Amendment as an individual right (rather than the right to belong to a militia, as sometimes viewed in colonial times – we’ve covered the legal arguments on that point before).  I know of a case where a gay man owning a home in the Capitol Hill area of Washington thrwarted a burglarly because he was armed at home, probably illegally at the time (in the 1990s).

I do recall attending a LPVa convention on a Saturday in May 1995 in Richmond (and a similar one in Manassas in 1996), and the Second Amendment and the IRS were the two biggest items on the agenda.

Some one (from LPVa) said, the rally might not mix well with Earth Day across 14th Street.

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