Monday, April 26, 2010

New York, California consider ditching seniority rules with teacher layoffs; the whole system would discourage "career switchers"

The issue of teacher layoffs was given front page billing in the Sunday New York Times, April 25. Jennifer Medina has a story “With teacher layoffs coming, battle turns to seniority rules”. On line, the title is “Last teacher in, first out? City has another idea”, link here.

New York City is planning for 8500 teacher layoffs, and both New York and California legislatures have bills allowing teachers to be retained on performance, rather than seniority.

If communities were to continue to depend on a seniority system for teachers, it would be much riskier for people in mid-career to invest in teacher certification with “career switcher” programs that were being widely touted at the beginning of 2003.

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