Thursday, April 15, 2010

NYC: World Trade Center reconstruction slower than had been expected

The World Trade Center reconstruction in New York is going much slower than had originally been expected back in 2002. I paid a visit to the site today, including the temporary memorial on Vesery Street. There was a short film there "Coming Back Together" on the rebuilding after 9/11.

One of my screenplay scripts, "American Epic" (2003), has, as a subplot, a lawyer involved in the redesign of the new WTC and memorial.

The "stump" of the new tower is made of red iron (to make it very "disaster proof"), and looks rather curious. It's shaped right now about like the centerpiece  (or kaaba) in Mecca around which the hajj revolves.

There is a viewing balcony from the World Financial Center on the waterfront.

The main web reference right now for the 9/11 Memorial seems to be this.

The curious thing is that Yankee Stadium was duplicated across 161 Street for no reason (I like the stadium as it was in the 1950s), quickly, while the WTC lags. Make sense?

Update: Oct, 17, 2011

Information on tickets for the Memorial as completed by Sept. 11, 2011, for the ten-year anniversary, is here.  I plan to visit soon.  It appears that most days have available passes.

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