Saturday, May 29, 2010

BP "top kill" fails; lower marine riser package to siphon and capture oil is next

Major media outlets have reported that the BP “top kill” method failed to sufficiently constipate the Deepwater Horizon Leak, and now it is going back to a technique that accepts the leak but siphons most oil into tankers. No, it’s not very sellable. The technique is called “lower marine riser package” or LMRP.

BP says that the LMRP should take 4-7 days to prepare. But a smaller version had been defeated by methane hydrate "ice" crystals at extreme depths (capable of adding to runaway greenhouse effect some day according to various History Channel megadisaster programs).
BP has been planning to drill a relief well, which it says will be ready by August.

CNN has been following angry tweets from viewers, and Ali Velsi tonight said that for the first time CNN is reporting Breaking News on real danger to the planet. Remember the movie “Dune” (1984, based on Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel) where the third planet was “Geidi Prime”, which was covered in oil and ruined by fossil fuel exploration (even mountaintop removal).

It’s unclear how this news will affect the oil markets Tuesday.

Wikipedia attribution link for NOAA map of fishing closures here.

 Is it Chicken Little time?

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