Thursday, May 20, 2010

Can Arizona really block electricity to CA if CA citizens boycott?

Well, all the boycott talk in the southwest because of the new Arizona immigration law has gotten silly. Citizens can boycott an area as private persons (this happens all the time – I remember the silly “lettuce boycotts” staged by the Peoples Party of New Jersey in the early 1970s). Could a state cause power companies within its boundaries not to sell power to another state to retaliate? Is this a legitimate exercise of the quasi-libertarian idea of “states rights”? I hope not, and I recall how that theme was thrown around in the 1950s (when I was in high school) to divisive effect.

The Phoenix papers (Arizona Central) have a story by Ryan Randazzo “Arizona electricity regulator pokes Los Angeles over boycott call”, link here.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Mogollon Rim (near Flagstaff), not too far from where Travis Walton says he was abducted by a UFO in 1975; I visited the area in December of that year and first discovered Daniel Fry’s “Understanding” outside of Phoenix.

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