Monday, May 03, 2010

DC Catholic school sets example on volunteerism

Susan Kindle ran an article Monday April 26 about quasi-mandatory community service in the school systems, “Seeds of volunteerism planted early at D.C.’s Gonzaga College High School,” link here. The article is about a Catholic school, but in some school systems “mandatory service” has raised cries of “involuntary servitude” among some libertarian-oriented people, and this was sometimes said back in the 90s.

The story refers to the Father McKenna Shelter, a church-run shelter for homeless men, and the opportunity of students to volunteer during lunch or after school or on weekends. The article says “Long before schools across the country began requiring community-service hours for graduation in an effort to teach compassion and social responsibility, Gonzaga students were living it.”

Social responsibility” seems to be the catch-all common denominator term, underneath “personal responsibility”, which is predicated on chosen actions. Social responsibility refers to things that cannot so easily be chosen or turned down.

There have been political movements in history to force "it" upon people. Consider Chairman Mao’s “cultural revolution” of the 1960s, and how some people on the far left called it “absolute justice.” Christianity has always focused on the ability of man to achieve complete justice on his own.

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