Monday, May 31, 2010

Fewer younger teachers with tech skills. Whee!

Harold Myerson has an interesting blog posting in the Washington Post on Memorial Day morning, while kids enjoy their last Monday holiday (so soon before final exams in high school). It’s “Fewer teachers! Whoopie”, link here. on Post Partisan.

The Post had thrown cold water on an Obama teacher bill that might have reduced teacher layoffs and cut into teacher’s union seniority rules. The paper had argued that layoff totals are overstated. But Myerson comes back and maintains that the failure of Congress to promote the idea of job preservation by ability will cost teach savvy younger teachers their jobs, and drive out many promising teachers who are really connecting with kids.

Recently the New York Times had reported that there are fewer job offers in school districts for young teachers that any time in the past. All of this is counterpoint to stories run by conservative papers (like the Washington Times) that the bureaucracy of teacher licensure is discouraging stronger people from going into teaching.

The Cato Institute has reprinted a New York Post piece "No, We Don't Need a Teacher Bailout"; by Neal McCluskey, from May 27, 2010, link here.

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