Monday, May 24, 2010

"Seed" schools, public boarding school in Washington DC, a new innovation

On Sunday May 23, CBS “60 Minutes” presented a segment on the concept of a “Seed” school, which is a public boarding school in Washington DC, constructed in large part by private grants but operated as a public school (and charter school). Admission is by lottery. This may be the one of the first public boarding schools in the country (that is not a reform school).  The official name is the Seed School of Washington DC at 4300 C Street, SE, Washington, D.C. 20019
There is another SEED school in Baltimore.

A large percentage of students will go on to college. Discipline is strict, with no personal computer use, dress codes, and lights out every night. Middle school offers two periods of English and two periods of math every day.

Selection for employment, especially for the residential portion of the school ("student life assistants" for night), would certainly become a sensitive matter.

The text of the CBS story "How the SEED School Is Changing Lives; Inner-City Boarding School Is Achieving Academic Breakthrough" is here.

The Seed Foundation has a website here.   Visit the "day in a life" link particularly here.

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