Thursday, June 10, 2010

Full DC statehood effort could return

Efforts to “shoot for the moon” on DC statehood are coming back as efforts to get the District of Columbia a full vote in the House of Representatives (whether or not that representative turns out to be Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D)) flounder for years, according to a Metro Section story in the Washington Post on Thursday, June 10 by Mike DeBonis, link here.

With Democratic control in Congress, it’s a little more likely that the District could get two senators, but the 2010 “midterm exams” in November will probably take that away.

Growing up in northern Virginia in the 1950s, I always heard rationalizations for denying DC residents the vote (as well as a winning baseball team -- remember the Senators??) and even home rule. Even then, I understood that they were thinly veiled racism.

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