Tuesday, June 01, 2010

"Pay your dues" by scrubbing oil off grass in Gulf marshlands

Anderson Cooper AC360 tonight described a cadre of workers hired by BP to manually wash oil off of grass in marsh and estuaries. There are about 40 workers present, when there would be a need for hundreds. The people were hired by BP on condition that they not talk to reporters (especially Anderson Cooper who keeps ‘em honest) or blog or tweet about the work.

This sounds like cleaning out the grease pit with a toothbrush when on KP, which I had to do in the Army in Special Training Company on March 31, 1968 at Fort Jackson SC in Tent City.

It sounds indeed like a way to “pay your dues”. Bring on the Cultural Revolution, at least a “free market cultural revolution”, or FMCR. How many people can do these manual labor jobs, that my father saw as a necessary component of virtue?

What do they call BP -- "bi polar"?  This was supposed to be the "green" oil company!

Tony Hayward says "I want my life back."  And the pundits say, like pastor Rick Warren, "it's not about you."  So he Hayward says "we will get this done, we will make this right."

BP doesn't just have a PR problem, it has a "substantive problem" (CNN).

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