Thursday, July 01, 2010

Economy is sputtering again as stimuli run out; a misuse of the concept of "personal sovereignty"

Congress goes hooky for a week while leaving extended unemployment benefits alone, leaving a lot of people out to scavenge, while the signs of economic recovery are staggering. That’s because of a lot of the stimulus earlier this year has run out and Congress is disinclined to continue it, given the enormous deficits. We’re back in that same question we’ve had before.

Here’s the MSNBC video today July 1 on the stalled recovery, based on an AP story today.

Today, ABC World News Tonight portrayed a frightening story of the “sovereign citizen” movement, where citizens claim they are like sovereign countries and above the law, with a particularly galling incident in West Memphis AK (a place I stayed one night in Dec. 1992), link here. This certainly sounds like a perversion of the notion of "individual sovereignty" as I have often discusse it on these blogs.

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