Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"D.C. Flag Tattoo Day": does political home rule deserve personal "disfigurement"? They call it "body art"

Washington DC celebrated Flag Day with renewed demands for political independence and home rule, specifically with a “D.C. Flag Tattoo Day” at Dupont Circle around 6 PM on Tuesday, June 14.
ABC station WJLA has an account on its TBD website here. 

Some people really did have real tattoos chiseled into their shoulders or elsewhere with the needles.  Others just used temporary paint-ons.

Speaking for myself, I can’t see being disfigured more or less permanently for a political cause. But it happens “in the Navy” all the time.  Okay, I’m too sensitive about my body (maybe other people’s bodies) to see this as a good thing.  There are other examples: how about Westover Market’s annual “Be Brave and Shave” in the fall.

The group adjourned to the Eighteenth Street Lounge afterward (about a block from most of the 17th street gay clubs, and a block in the other direction from where Electronic Frontier Foundation had its DV party).
I was going to head for the demo for photo blogging and got sidetracked at home (again), and wound up going to see “Midnight in Paris” in Arlington later instead (after trying Beckett’s).  I’ve got to be on time getting to things.

There was also a Flag Day celebration at the National Building Museum, which will soon start charging admission. 

When I grew up in Arlington VA in the 50s, home rule was discussed askance. No question, it (preventing home rule) was about race then; now it is about GOP partisanship. 

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