Monday, June 20, 2011

Washington DC will require candidate teachers to "audition live" for jobs

Perhaps as part of the legacy of  "the departed" Michelle Rhee,  the Washington DC public school system is now requiring that prospective teacher candidates “audition” for jobs with “tryouts” in classrooms that are videotaped. The Washington Post news story, by Bill Turque, appeared Sunday June 19 in the Metro section, here

I do recall having one student teacher in high school, for US government, in 12th grade.  Her January mid-term (1961) was one question: "Compare democracy and communism". 

The story gives a specific example of a middle school algebra class “audition”.   There is the old adage from my old days at the University of Kansas in the 1960s as a graduate assistant instructor (with a “remedial” algebra class), “if the students didn’t learn, the teacher didn’t teach.”

Picture: Me, around 1946

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