Wednesday, July 13, 2011

President warns that social security and veterans' checks might not go out Aug. 3 if deal is not closed

Tuesday, President Obama told CBS in a blunt interview that he could not guarantee that Social Security beneficiaries (whether retirees or those getting disability benefits) or veterans (those receiving payments) would get their monies due on Aug. 3 if a debt extension deal is not done by Aug. 2.  In fact, Aug. 3 is a Wednesday, and that is the day the first benefits go out.

It sounded as if they could be paid later.  However, there is at least a hint that some benefits would be lost permanently if there were “no deal”.

It seems as of the two major parties think nothing of taking hostages during this partisan bickering. Kidnappers and terrorists do that.  So do authoritarian and totalitarian governments.  One of the most degrading feelings a human being can face is being “caught in the middle” of someone else’s fight and believing no one thinks enough of them to do anything about it.  This is truly dangerous.

I do think that anyone who receives benefits of any kind should know how much of what he or she receives is accounted for by his or her own previous contributions (like FICA) and, separately, by the contributions of spouses or other family members.  Above that, “The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away”. Army buddies would have made that a real pun.

Mitch McConnell (R-KY) wants to do a detour of the deficit talks, give President Obama temporary authority for three extensions, for which he would take full “political responsibility”.  That provides temporary relief, like Oragel, but kicks the can down the road. President Obama has said he would veto a temporary deal. But then, just think about what he said yesterday. McConnell seems to give him a way out, like a "negotiator". 

Do a deal now, but let people know exactly now dependent they are or are not.  One of the GOP ideological demands is that families take care of their own, and that isn’t just limited to those who “choose” to have children. 

Second picture: this was a bright green in the darkness in a motel room. Not so in a flash picture.

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