Saturday, July 02, 2011

Put parolees or probationers to work in the farms, to relieve immigrant migrant problem, GA governor says

A story on CNN Saturday morning highlighted the concerns over the “social justice” aspects of filling jobs that no middle class Americans want to do.

The governor and some peach plantation owners want to employ people on probation or parole in the fields in 90 degree hit, learning to pick peach orchards, which he says takes a lot of skill.

Immigrant labor is three or four times as productive at this sort of manual labor as most Americans could be, the story said.

Although, as a whole, the entire idea sounds like a continuation of migrant labor, non unionized, not organized. Mathematically, it might reduce unemployment.
John Sepulvado has the story here.

Picture: VA, not Georgia.  No, I don't want to encourage cigarette sales or smoking, but just to point out you see this in rural VA (Prince William County). 

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