Monday, August 01, 2011

"Satan's Sandwich" comes up in House soon; here are the texts I found; BILL PASSES HOUSE

Here is the CBO (Congressional Budget Office, non-partisan) analysis of the Budget Control Act of 2011, link.

The bill that passed July 28 is HR 2693, govtrack link here. I can't find the July 31 text on govtrack yet. 

The latest version in the House to be voted on tonight seems to be (web url) this. 

Nancy Pelosi has said she will “support” its passage. They call it "Satan's Sandwich". 

Diane Sawyer called this "three dimensional chess". 

Picture: Sorry, Arlington is no longer part of "the City".

Update: C-SPAN:  House approves debt ceiling bill 269-161.  Gabrielle Giffords attended and voted for the bill.  I am trying to get the HR number.

I goes to the Senate Tuesday.

Update: It passed the Senate 74-26.  President Obama signed the bill at 2:10.  The bill was S. 365 with House Amendments. 

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