Tuesday, September 06, 2011

APA study shows that school bullying affects test scores

On the first day of school for many districts, Donna St. George has an important story in the Metro Section of the Washington Post, “Bullying tied to lower test scores in Va. high schools”, link here. Understandably, this observation also extends to middle schools (where I had the worst problems) and grade school.  (My own experience in high school 1958-1961 was much better.) 

The article mentions a study by the American Psychological Association, which has a statement here

It also mentions a new tough anti-bullying law in New Jersey, after Tyler Clementi’s tragedy at Rutgers (which happened in college, however – see my GLBT blog Nov 23, 2010 and Sept. 30, 2010). 

The NBC "Today" show covered bullying this morning, and one expert talked about training target children to become more assertive, and talked about the problem in terms of personal competitiveness.

Wed Sept. 7 NBC Nightly News aired this video on the new New Jersey anti-bullying law for schools, which would also include off campus Internet activity.  Note the word in the banner, "Respect".

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