Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How do "solo entrepreneurs" affect the job market?

Look at this little op-ed ditty in the Washington Post Wednesday from Dana Milbank, “I am a job creator who creates no jobs”, link here.  

He says his company is “Ink Stained Inc” but I can’t tell if that’s “Ink Stain” (link) and “IFCulture” (link) which sound like reasonable fits for what he writes about.

He says he is set up as a “C corporation” but is essentially a “one man operation” like me, sometimes hiring consultants, sometimes his spouse.  But in the eyes of the “law” he could be Facebook. So could I.
Is it his duty to change his message and intentions in order to hire more people? Is it mine?  That sounds like a real threat to “rugged individualism” of the Ayn Rand type.

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