Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Parent Trigger laws could get school boards, administrators, teachers replaced in CA and some other states

This YouTube “Parent Trigger: A New Right for Parents in California” explores parent triggers laws, especially a law passed in California in 2009, as explained in this YouTube video:

A few other states (Texas, Mississippi) have them and many  legislatures are considering them.
In California, future parents (that is, parents of pre-school children who will enter the public school system) can vote on a petition.

There are four “options” in California.

There is more material on a site called “Parent Revolution”,here

The New York Times has a recent story by Jennifer Medina on the attempt by parents in Compton CA to force a school to become a charter school, link here

Petitions can cause current school boards, school administrators, and teachers to be fired in some cases.

Also, note that "The Parent Trigger" has its own link by that name, here.


Ben Boychuk said...

You might also check out www.theparenttrigger.com, which is The Heartland Institute's clearinghouse for news, policy information and model legislation (although the site is currently going through something of an overhaul).

I'd also encourage you to have a look at the stories I've written about the parent trigger for City Journal California: www.city-journal.org/california

Bill Boushka said...

I've added the link to the post.