Saturday, September 24, 2011

Personal visit to Huntington-Cameron Run flood area (near Alexandria, VA)

I made a quick visit to the Huntington-Cameron Run area of Alexandria, VA late this afternoon. This is an area hit repeatedly by floods and hit very hard by Hurricane Irene and particularly Tropical Storm Lee.

The Cameron Run area along Eisenhower Ave. seems high enough, but near I-95 Beltway, at the Telegraph Road underpass, there is obvious flood vulnerability on the highway. Just to the north, along Huntington, there are side streets that go down toward Cameron and an area of old houses and garden apartments,  obviously built on the flood plain in an unusually precarious place. Some homes had condemned stickers on them. There is a part which has been roped off.  It’s clear that residences should be built here only under strict codes that anticipate a flood risk. To find residences in this location built the way they were was shocking to me. 

This area is actually in Fairfax County, not the City of Alexandria, and there is a political fight over what the County will do about it. Here is the County’s report

Here is WUSA’s (Washington DC, Channel 9, CBS)  video on the controversy.

Congressman Jim Moran’s page on the problem is here.  

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