Thursday, September 01, 2011

Rehoboth, Ocean City appear to be in good shape after Irene (personal visit)

Well, it looks as though both Rehoboth Beach and Ocean City came through Irene in good shape.

There was only slight evidence of boarding of businesses, and only very minor damage at most to beachfront homes near “Queen” street in Rehoboth.

It ‘s apparent that the absence of tall trees near beachfront buildings makes a big difference.

Farther north, along the Jersey shore, however, it’s apparently much worse; and everybody missed forecasting the catastrophic flooding that would happen in northern mountain areas (“orographic uplift”).  The same thing has happened before in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, as with Agnes in 1972.

A reader of the Baltimore Sun comments on the news reporting by Childs Walters with the phrases “down come the trees and off goes the power” aka “Here come the environmentalists, up go the trees”, link here

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