Sunday, October 23, 2011

IBM seems to lead the world in the lithium-air battery research, leading to all-electric car with range

Today, ABC’s Energy Now television report discussed the new “lithium air” technology which would gve purely electric automobile batteries ranges up to 500 miles, instead of about 50 miles as with the lithium ion battery, meaning that hybrids are necessary to alleviate “range anxiety” (with greater "energy density"). Much more basic research in the nanotechnology area is needed.

IBM Social Media has a YouTube video on The Battery 500 Project, at the Almaden Institute

IBM also has an article, “Which comes first: the smart grid, or the electric car?” along the lines of Thomas Friedman, link here 

Here's a piece from Energy Review, link

Picture: In N.C., a job ad for laborers, accepting only people laid off because of storm damage. 

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