Thursday, October 06, 2011

"Occupy Wall Street" becomes "Occupy Pennsylvania Avenue", or even "Occupy D.C."

Today, I did visit the “Occupy Wall Street” aka “Occupy Together” “flash” protest in Washington DC at 11th St. and Pennsylvania Ave NW, ironically near the Ronald Reagan Building (nearest the Federal Center Metro Stop). It was not held at Freedom Plaza, as widely circulated.  Here, the movement is getting renamed "Occupy D.C."

The signs and speeches pretty much speak for themselves.  There was, from the podium, a lot of talk that Wall Street creates no products of real value but exploits the labor of others. Sometimes, there was a tone of “Marxist” class warfare talk.  There would be real question as to how much this is about the morality of individual people, or more about the conventional struggles for political and economic power.

There were interesting exhibits, such as the CIA drone models, and a portrait of Bradley Manning.

There were some posters more specific  in nature, such as objection to US Support of Israel.

There were indeed a lot of posters showing people not able to make do in today’s economy.

I made many video clips. Here’s one about “Greed Is Good” (Oliver Stone's film "Wall Street") and about “Trickle Up”, or redistribution of wealth – “upstream” or “in the wrong direction”.

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