Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seasonal influenza vaccine less effective than CDC has previously reported (University of Minnesota)

There are recent media stories reporting disappointing results in effectiveness of influenza vaccines, especially the dead virus given by injection.

CDC’s basic link on effectiveness is dated Oct. 13 and is here

The University of Minnesota, with Dr. Michael Osterholm, is reporting that the vaccine protects only 59% of adults under 65.  The Minnesota Daily story is here. This challenges previous CDC claims of 70-90% effectiveness.

The protection against H1N1 may be more successful.

But the report would cast aspersions on the hope that more dangerous pandemics like H5N1 could be prevented by a vaccine (as in the movie “Contagion” -- my "Disaster Movies" blog, Sept. 9, 2011).

Because the virus mutates, sometimes people who have been vaccinated develop a flu like illness, usually mild, late in the flu season. This happened to me while I was in California in February 2002.  And March 2011 I missed an SLDN dinner because of a sudden flu-like (respiratory) bout with chills and fever that lasted only about 48 hours. 

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