Saturday, November 19, 2011

Domestic oil industry seems to boom again, alongside windmill farms; what happened to the "Pickens Plan"?

Yes, we do need to keep producing domestic oil.  In west Texas these days, most rigs are operating, more than when I was living in Dallas and visiting the area in the late 80s.  And the US is indeed a “Persian Gulf” of natural gas (and coal).  I haven’t heard as much in public lately about the Pickens Plan. 

But in the Texas prairie there have been set  up some of the largest windmill farms in the nation. Most of the largest farms are along the escarpment between the “high planes” and the rolling prairie a few hundred feet below;  along I-20, the pieces of tableland looking like small mountain ranges extend out past Big Spring to Abilene and half way to Fort Worth (even “Ranger Hill” which sounds a bit like Laurel Hill or Sideling Hill in Pennsylvania). 
 A short film:

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