Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Michael Moore, himself in the top 1%, dazzles Occupy Oakland

Filmmaker Michael Moore has upped the rhetoric at Occupy Oakland (where there have been arrests), saying “there’s no turning back”, according to this story on TruthOut, link.

Anger continues after Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen suffered a fractured skull after being struck by a police projectile (for example, Guardian story). 

Moore said he believed most Americans are liberals and want universal health insurance.

Michael Moore Speaks at Occupy Oakland, October 28, 2011 from John Hamilton on Vimeo.

What's more up in the air is whether capitalism is still ideologically acceptable for him, even though he benefits from it and is in the top (reviled) 1%. 

What comes to mind for me is a December 1972 Saturday night in a drafty tenement in Newark, NJ, at a meeting of the People’s Party of New Jersey, when those who make over $5000 a year were asked to raise their hands (and maybe leave).  At the time I made $14K.  They wanted a maximum income of $50000 a year. They wanted expropriation by force.  ("Why do we have to have capitalism?" "Patti" asked.) That doesn’t just affect classes of people, that affects actual people.

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