Monday, November 07, 2011

Occupy DC protest sign demands repudiation of all debt

I was in the McPherson Square area this evening, and visited the Occupy DC camp again, finding a sign demanding cancellation or repudiation of all debts:  mortgages, student loans, and utility bills.  Come on, it seems like we shouldn’t have fiat money at all. We should just have a communal (maybe Luddite) lifestyle. 

Of course, Michele Bachmann acted like she was willing to repudiate Social Security obligations this summer. 

I didn’t see any remnants of the protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline in Lafayette Park. But I did see an interesting sign on the Metro warning of mercury pollution from coal-fired utilities, put up by the Sierra Club, with which I used to hike when I lived in Dallas. 
Coal miners have a restaurant in the Laurel Mts on US 30 in PA (picture taken Oct. 26, personal visit). 

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