Wednesday, November 09, 2011

"Street Sense" lays it on the line about "Occupy"

Today, returning from a premier of "J. Edgar" in Georgetown in Washington DC, I picked up a copy of "Street Sense" for $1 from a street vendor near Foggy Bottom Metro near GWU.  I think this used to be called "The Street News" (back around 1989, then the first George Bush talked about "a thousand points of light" and "compassionate conservatism"). I guess "Street Sense" (link) could also be called "Street Smarts" as opposed to "Book Smarts" as in Donald Trump's "The Apprentice."

On p. 11 (Nov. 9), there is an article, "The New Left: Left Out", by vendor Jeffrey McNeil which says "Many people I talked to in the D.C. occupations feel that the game is rigged against them, both on Wall Street and on K. Street. They feel like we live in an upside down system where those who steal get rewarded and those who have been robbed are punished."

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