Friday, December 02, 2011

Hershey private boarding school refused to admit HIV+ student based on speculation

A private boarding school in Hershey PA (the Milton Hershey School), connected to the famous company, and dedicated to low students, denied admission to a 13 year old boy who was HIV+.  

ABC news carried the biggest story:

The AIDS Law Project has filed suit and says that the Americans with Disabilities Act applies, even to private schools and companies.

The school says it knows HIV is not casually transmitted and that it is concerned that the boy might engage in sexual activity in three or four years, putting (it says) other students at risk, even if it concedes there is no risk now (and even though it says it teaches abstinence).  It’s rather shocking that a decision like this would be made on the basis of speculation about future behavior.

The school makes a statement on its own website here.  It says "we are serving children, and no child can always be assumed to always make responsible decisions which protect the well being of others".

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