Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Idaho law prevents women from medicating themselves to end pregnancy, creating controversy

Recently, the media have reported litigation challenging Idaho’s state fetal pain law, particularly with the case of Jennifer McCormack, as reported Aug. 31 by the Huffington Post here.  

At particular issue is a requirement that pregnancy termination be done only by licensed Idaho physicians and in hospitals during second trimester.  It is illegal for women to medicate themselves, so the law effectively creates a legal catch-22.  Although charges against McCormack (who had medicated herself later in pregnancy than she realized) were dropped, she could be prosecuted again. 

McCormack has filed suit in federal court against a state prosecuting attorney.
I still wonder if it is really the life of the unborn that is the only issue in the minds of many in the right to life movement.  This seems to be about "control". 

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