Thursday, December 15, 2011

Marriage rate among adults keeps dropping in US:

The Pew Research Center is now reporting that barely half of American adults are married, and a similar trend is developing in other western nations and even in some of the developing world.  The age of first childbirth is also increasing.

The main link for the report is here

Accompanying the trend is the rising success of young single women, who in the US tend to out-earn their male counterparts.  There may be a reverse sheetrock ceiling developing. 

The growth of individualism, and the way personal responsibility is implemented, in past decades being so tied to the decision to have or avoid having children, may account for the changes.  It is simply too expensive to have and raise children, for people who think it through that way. 

Also, cultural values tend to affect what people see as desirable.  Men may not see it as exciting to enter a relationship that seems predicated on long-term dependency on them.  They may tend to become more judgmental in how they form attachments.   They may believe they will not be able to sustain intensity for the decades raising a family requires. 

The increase of eldercare responsibilities, with fewer children, will complicate this change.

The report is based on part on the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey (CPS).  

Here's a version of the story from NBC Action News. 

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