Sunday, December 04, 2011

Park Police dismantle wooden building improvised by Occupy DC carpenters; protest seems in disarray tonight

WJLA (ABC affiliate in Washington DC/Arlington VA) reports Sunday night that US Park Police have dismantled the wooden “building” that Occupy DC has tried to build earlier near the McPherson Square Metro stop (and a few blocks from the White House).   Police did not object to the tents, but media reports are that the park was cleared. 

Earlier CNN had shown Park Police (with live coverage) gently removing several protestors from the top of the structure in utility cranes (with ropes), and then arresting them. 
I considered taking the Metro in tonight but decided that Police had probably closed off so much of the area that it would be impossible to film myself, especially at night. 

It’s not clear how Occupy DC continues now after this incident, particularly as the winter’s first sustained cold wave approaches my mid week. 

In New York City Thursday I noticed that Zuccotti Park, near the new 9/11 Memorial, was almost cleared, but a few protestors were carrying signs about pharmaceutical companies.  Everyone in the area was very orderly when I visited.  (AlterNet has a story on back taxes owed on Zuccotti Park, here.)

Ben Stein was critical of the Occupy movement on CNN today, saying that there are plenty of jobs, just that Americans consider some of them demeaning and leave them to largely illegal immigrants, to do their dirty work. But then Stein backtracked on himself, admitting working conditions in some fields and poultry plants in the south were atrocious. 

I had started to report this incident with an update to my Nov. 26 posting, but created a new one as more news came in.  I think I will see the site Monday during the day.

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