Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Take Back the Capitol merges with Occupy DC in the rain

In the rain, I did make it to "Take Back the Capitol".  I found the tent city on the Mall, almost deserted.  A thunderstorm had inudated the Mall just before I got off the Metro.

I walked up to Freedom Plaza, where there were remnants of Occupy, with a makeshift Christmas Tree and even a Zombieland sign.

Then I found one small march on Eye St at 13th.  But the big march was across Franklin Square, at 14th and K, near McPherson Square.

A man stepped on my ankle and tried to block me from leaving the March as I crossed the street.  I was OK.  A lot of tourists and workers were taking video.  But the demonstrators are starting to resent the gawkers who don;t share their misery up close and personal.he

I support the idea of challenging the lobbying establishment, because that leads to policy where politicians who get "paid off" with campaign contributions make the rules for everybody, and throw some of us under the bus.  I'm still part of the 99%. No, Michael Moore, you're part of the 1%.  Wall Street is filled with Democrats.  And look at what is going on with SOPA
Here's the best video (20 seconds).  More to follow.

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